American Airlines WiFi International Flights

American Airlines wifi international flights

You can purchase American Airlines wifi international flights only on board. When we travel on international flights, we all want to be connected to the Internet. And that’s why American Airlines provides Wi-Fi service for their passengers on international flights. American Airlines currently provides Wi-Fi service on international flights on all Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. American Airlines is one of the popular airlines in the United States which regularly operates domestic flights to the US as well as international flights.

Currently, this airline is providing high-speed internet service on almost all its domestic flights. Apart from this, they are providing their WiFi service on all international flights of Boeing 777-300ER. Since you want to know about WiFi on American Airlines international flights. Then you might want to travel on American Airlines anytime soon. Today we will discuss the complete issue of WiFi service of international flights of American Airlines.

How is American Airlines wifi international?

American Airlines has different options for purchasing Wi-Fi on their domestic and international flights. For example, if you want to purchase Wi-Fi service for domestic flights. Then you can purchase it before the flight or even while on board. But in the case of international flights, you can only avail of WiFi service while on board. The main point is that there is currently no option to buy WiFi service before the flight in case of international flights.

How to buy American Airlines wifi for international flights?

As in the case of international flights you cannot purchase internet service prior to the flight. So check the WiFi service availability on your flight from their website to purchase WiFi service on international flights while on board. Then you can purchase the WiFi service according to your needs. All American Airlines passengers can access their website for free. From there you can easily get your choice of WiFi service and also you can check your flight status and know various flight-related matters free of charge.

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