Does Spirit Airlines Have WiFi? How Much Is Spirit WiFi

Does Spirit Airlines have WiFi? Since you’re wondering about Spirit Airlines WiFi, you probably want to fly Spirit Airlines. Yes, this airline provides wifi service for its passengers at low cost. If you think you want to live stream, broadcast, browse, or stay connected online for any reason on your next flight, you can.

Nowadays, various airlines provide WiFi services for their passengers. This service varies according to the airlines and their type of service. If you want to know more about Spirit Airlines WiFi. Then you can know it from this post of ours, which will then give you an idea about the Wi-Fi of these airlines before flying them.

Does Spirit Airlines have WiFi?

Spirit Airlines has WiFi. Spirit Airlines WiFi service is a little different than other airlines. Because other Airlines’ WiFi is limited to take off and touch down. But in this spirit airlines you are gate to gate which means you can connect with wi-fi as soon as you board the plane. And then you can stay connected to their WiFi connection until you get off the plane. This is why their WiFi service is different from other airlines. Many of you may know that Spirit Airlines is an American budget airline. Despite being a budget airline, this company provides high-speed WiFi internet services to its passengers. And now the company says that its internet speeds are unmatched by US carriers due to the use of new satellites.

But according to them though they are providing wifi service for their passengers. But not all flights on all their routes include this service. So if you want to fly on Spirit Airlines next and you have a WiFi connection is very important. Then according to the route of your flight, you need to know the detailed information about WiFi from them. Because your next flight may not include their WiFi service on that route.

Spirit WiFi cost – How much is Spirit WiFi?

Spirit Airlines WiFi cost generally depends on flight type and internet speed. The key is which flight you are taking or what speed internet you want to use. Depending on that, the price of its WiFi is determined. Several other US domestic airlines offer free WiFi to their passengers. But if you want to use WiFi as a passenger on Spirit Airlines, you must pay the required price.

Depending on the type of your flight, the cost of WiFi may be different during departure and different during arrival. So it is a little difficult to give an exact idea about the cost of this WiFi. However, the average WiFi plan cost of their different types of flights is almost the same. But this price may change at any time. If you want to buy an internet plan for various needs including internet browsing and social media then it costs about $3.99. On the other hand, if you want to take a 10 Mbps internet plan for gaming or various needs including live streaming, the cost starts from $6.99.

Spirit WiFi purchase

You can purchase it while booking online if you want. This plan can be purchased at the time of checking as well. And for this, you have to add the plan of your choice by looking at the wifi symbol. You can also do it on board if you want.

You can use a variety of payment methods, including your credit card, to purchase Spirit Airlines Wi-Fi plans. There are various payment options including Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Special tips to purchase

The cost of a Wi-Fi plan varies according to flight type and route. So you have to prepare in advance. Which plan do you buy on which route? Many times the same route may cost one cost and the return cost may be different.

How many devices can be connected?

Currently, Spirit Airlines’ WiFi plan can only be connected to one device. If you want to activate this plan on multiple devices then you need to do different plan purchases. Otherwise, you cannot use this internet on more than one device. But they are talking about giving their WiFi plan access to multiple devices in the future. With this option enabled you will have access to one plan across your multiple devices.

How to connect to Spirit WiFi?

All methods to connect Spirit Airlines Wi-Fi plan are discussed below:

You can connect it in two ways. One is from the setting option and the other is by scanning the QR code.

  • First, turn on your device’s airplane mode to activate the WiFi plan while you’re onboard.
  • Then you go to the settings option of your device and select the Spirit WiFi option from the network.
  • Or you can easily connect by scanning the QR code. You can usually find this QR code on the back of the seat. They also provide WiFi QR codes on the food menu. You can easily connect your device to WiFi by scanning this QR code.

Today we discussed Spirit Airlines’ WiFi Plan in detail. Hope today’s article is helpful for your next Spirit Airlines trip. Visit our website regularly to get various information related to such airline travel.

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