How Does Singapore Airlines Waitlist Work

how does singapore airlines waitlist work

From this article, we will learn How does Singapore Airlines waitlist work. Singapore Airlines has been providing its services for a long time as a popular airline. These airlines are very popular among air travelers from all over the world for their exceptional services. Due to their popularity and demand, their flights are almost fully booked. In such cases, Singapore Airlines offers a lifeline to interested travelers through its waiting list option. In today’s blog post, we will discuss in detail how Singapore Airlines’ waitlist system works.

If you are planning to travel on Singapore Airlines in the future. Then knowing the detailed information about this wait list can be very important for you. If you have a clear understanding of how Singapore Airlines’ wait list system works, then you can easily use this option. All the processes are given below:

Booking a ticket

When popular Singapore Airlines flights are fully booked, the airline authorities provide a waiting list option for passengers interested in flying on these airlines. Usually, this feature becomes accessible during the flight booking process. Which creates a chance for hopeful travelers to get a coveted seat.

Request a waiting list

Passengers can usually express their interest in joining the waiting list through various channels, including the airline’s official website, a reservation hotline, or a physical ticketing office. In this step, you can start the waitlisting process with a waitlist request.

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Once you submit your waitlist request, airline authorities will confirm whether you have successfully secured a place on the waitlist. The timing of this confirmation may vary, so you should monitor the communication channels during this time for updates from Singapore Airlines.

Priority on waitlist

Generally, if you have a history of frequent flying, you can get priority on the waitlist. Waiting list priority is determined not only by your flying status but also by what class you have booked or your service type and fare. Passengers with high status and premium bookings usually get such priority.


Many times it is seen that various passengers change their reservation or cancel the booking. In that case, those seats are available for later booking. Such seats are offered to interested passengers on the waitlist. Basically, the booking of these seats is done on the basis of availability.


If you are next in line on the waiting list and a seat becomes available, Singapore Airlines authorities will notify you immediately. If you want to book this seat immediately, you must not miss the notification. Because it is very important that you provide correct contact information during the waiting list process to ensure your seat.

Decision time

After receiving notification at this stage, passengers usually have a certain time to confirm the booking and pay for the reserved seat. This deadline is important because if you fail to confirm this seat. Then this seat may be offered to your next waitlisted passenger.


Finally now to secure your confirmed seat, you need to pay the required amount. It can usually be paid on Singapore Airlines’ official website, ticketing office, or using certain payment methods. By paying this amount, the booking of the seat on your waitlist will be confirmed.

Finally about the Singapore Airlines waitlist

Singapore Airlines’ waitlist system works through a process for their next potential passengers. We have discussed its process in detail in today’s post. We hope you can easily book any waitlisted seat on Singapore Airlines through this process. Note that these airline policies may change at any time. So always contact Singapore Airlines directly for the latest information on their waiting list procedures.

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