Turkish airlines WiFi | How To Get Free WiFi On Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines Wifi

Turkish Airlines Wifi: Before traveling on any Turkish Airlines flight, it is natural to ask whether Turkish Airlines has Wi-Fi service. Turkish Airlines is one of the most popular airlines in the world. Currently, they operate international flights all over the world with more than 220 aircraft. These airlines provide high-speed wireless internet services to their passengers. Through this, you can easily connect to the internet on any of your devices.

You can use any of your broadband-related devices effortlessly through their wireless internet connection. According to their information, with the high-speed internet services they provide, you can use the internet just like your home or office. Which will give you a different experience of using the internet while traveling.

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Today we will know different types of information related to Turkish Airlines WiFi. Many people want to know about the price of a Wi-Fi connection and various types of information related to wireless internet if their flight has a Wi-Fi connection before traveling by air. Hope you get a complete idea about this from here.

Turkish Airlines Wifi

Turkish Airlines provides WiFi service. You can use their wireless internet in two ways, one is free and the other is by purchasing an internet package. Business class passengers and members of the Miles and Smiles program can connect to high-speed internet on their flights for free and economy class passengers need to purchase an internet package. Turkish Airlines internet package types and prices are given below:

Turkish Airlines Wi-Fi for business class

Serial No. Passenger Types Complimentary Quota (Usage Limit)
1. For Business class with Miles & Smiles Elite or Elite Plus Members Unlimited Internet
2. Business class 1 GB Internet
3. Miles&Smiles Elite or Elite Plus 400 MB Internet and Unlimited Messaging
4. Miles&Smiles Classic Plus 250 MB Internet and Unlimited Messaging
5. Miles&Smiles Classic Unlimited Messaging

Turkish Airlines Wi-Fi for economy class

Serial No. Internet Package Price
1. Unlimited Internet For Long Haul $35
2. Unlimited Internet For Short Haul $15
3. 250 MB $15
4. 100 MB $8
5. Unlimited Messaging $5

How much is wifi on Turkish Airlines?

Those who are economy class passengers have to purchase an internet package. Takis Airlines passengers can only purchase internet passes during their flight. Internet prices may vary according to their different flight times and aircraft types.

How to get free wifi on Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines provides free internet service to various of its passengers. You must be a Business Class passenger or Miles & Smiles program member to use their free WiFi. To join this program they have to fill the membership form of the Miles and Smiles program before the flight or on the internet login page.

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